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For all of the scanner listeners lurking about, here are some frequencies that are around during storm season.

Ken Winters, N5AUX has the BEST SKYWARN REPEATER INFORMATION page in the North Texas area. His page will replace the old chart that I used to have on frequencies, please use it.  

In order to do some storm watching you must first become proficient in doing some weather predictions of your own.  In order to do that you must at least do the following:

You must first check out the glossary to become familiar with our terms such as "RFD" or "Mesocyclone."

Get today's  outlook  or  day 2 and  mesoscale discussion  from these locations.

For a visual of both the day one or the day 2 outlooks on the same page, then click  here.

If you don't know what the acronyms mean that are used at the SPC for the above discussions,  then click  here .

Go to the  Severe Storm Chaser homepage

This will get you caught up on the happenings for severe weather.

You need maps: start with a  surface map.

Then go for the upper air maps as  Upper Air Data  is invaluable, be sure to calculate the "lapse rate" between the 500 Mb and the 250 Mb levels.  The larger the difference in the temperature the more significant the day's chase will be!

Then go out and get some Skew-t's and some hodographs along with stuve diagrams for the upper air patterns and join in on the fun. Be sure to plot more than one station so you can get a pattern.

Satellite  photos are a necessity as well. 

Then go to for the IWIN weather server "BEST"

 IF you CAN'T get into IWIN then try the best warning site that automatically refreshes itself every 5 minutes, from Texas A&M University.

And, there is always  stormwatch.

" Stormtrak, The Magazine for Storm Spotters and Chasers", Tim Marshall, Editor; Rich Herzog, Asst. Editor; and Tim Vazquez, On-Line Editor.

And there is  Skywarn Texas , they have loads of information, including the FIPS codes for the new weather radios.

 Some other "hams" are interested in the net and weather also, try KC7CDK, Rich Elliott. Alan Probst , Todd L. Sherman ,

 KBrews Storm Spotting Frequencies and KBrews Chase TV Guide are excellent reference materials for chasers in the field. Another source for  frequencies can be found here. Also try  weather frequencies and storm chaser information. for some more information.

 Real-Time Weather Data / Meteorology / Atmospheric Science has proven to be a great help in the past.


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Amateur Radio

  This is a very good collection of Ham links from K1DWU(1/17/99)

For information on the  Tri County Amateur Radio Club of North Texas visit KB5YLG's home page.

For those who need a CALL SIGN DATABASE I found one for you check it out!  ( University of Arkansas Radio Page )


And yet another different database from  QRZ.

Must also have the A.R.R.L. Web page on any "Ham's" page, and for those of you who work HF try DX information in real time. KA9FOX's Web page contains extensive links to information to DX'ers and contestors as well.

 Then where are you or where are they? Find out lat's and lon's here.

 In search of new equipment, try the Electronic ham swap meet , I have seen several things on there that looked real promising. Amateur Packet Radio Network helps the budding packetter.

If that wasn't enough for you, here is over 600 different links to "Ham Radio" on the World Wide Web try this, my Amateur Radio WWW bookmark file. A really good site to go to Kenwood, Icom, and other web sites. You'll get lost for not only for hours, or days, but maybe even years!

 If you need keps here's the Amsat page. And, the "Welcome to the World of INTERNET Amateur Radio" page will let you take a sample license exam or generate predictions for satellite passes over your town!

 KJ5ZR's home page is a new addition to this listing. Lets all look and see what Terry has to offer.

 This new link requires REAL AUDIO to function, but if you remember the newsline that we used to listen to after the Wednesday evening "Swap Net", then you can listen to the current and archived broadcasts here.

 Everyone needs to subscribe to the The World of Ham Radio newsletter.


Plus while searching the Internet via Infoseek, Lycos, and Excite I found the following links to my older home page at flashnet.

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Other links

The City of Fort-Worth, TX, USA Home page. new 11/17/97

 These pages include an eclectic collection of World Wide Web sites connected with museums, galleries and archives in the United States. New 11/17/97

 Jeff Brown's home page has a lot of links that are valuable.

 Lotto Texas Results check your winning Texas lottery numbers here.

Switchboard: Find a Person in the United States, if they are listed in the White Pages of any phone book in the USA, or a business.

 Yahoo! Maps Use this to map any place in the USA after finding their address in the above url.

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