Be happy to have you as an Intruder Monitor, please let me know of you are intrested 73's Bill
wa4fki <[email protected]>
Fayetteville, NC USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 20:20:51 (EDT)
Long time no see! How are you two doing? give me a buzz, [email protected] 73s de Tim - K7XC ex-nc7k, a35wz, kd7dh, ka7ebg.
K7XC ( aka NC7K) <[email protected]>
Fallon, NV USA - Friday, June 24, 2005 at 19:47:44 (EDT)
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carisoprodol <[email protected]>
Kissimmee, FL USA - Friday, May 06, 2005 at 19:10:54 (EDT)
My wife ( ke6pxx ) and I are also full time RV'ers. Currently in Brookings Ore. Next stop Gila Bend Az.
AB9KF <[email protected]>
some where, all USA - Sunday, January 09, 2005 at 22:44:37 (EST)
Great page! I like the tower and the NRA!
KG4MMY <[email protected]>
Lexington, AL USA - Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 22:21:08 (EST)
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I was just surfing by and thought I could say hello in the guestbook... En
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ChangingLINKS.com <[email protected]>
ChangingLINKS.com, USA - Sunday, September 22, 2002 at 00:27:14 (EDT)
Hi dad! Web page looks great so far!!! Love the pics of the house! :)
Rhonda <[email protected]>
Boise, ID USA - Sunday, January 28, 2001 at 12:45:01 (EST)
I guess you should remove the qrp-l links if you dont subscribe any longer. HUH?
k7FU <[email protected]>
USA - Sunday, September 17, 2000 at 05:45:13 (EDT)
09/15/00 - Good luck in Idaho!
W6AGS (today) <[email protected]>
Pleasanton, CA USA - Friday, September 15, 2000 at 12:03:29 (EDT)
"Holy Cow" is the correct description!
W7ZU <w7[email protected]>
New Plymouth, ID USA - Tuesday, September 05, 2000 at 20:36:34 (EDT)
QST (Aug 00) had a good idea for a LPF, everybody use a lightbulb for an antenna, say 60w full spectrum incandescent fed with 10 year old RG-174. Now we have a level playing field. Free men are not equal and equal men are not free.
n0glm <[email protected]>
nr Waxahachie, TX USA - Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 18:54:35 (EDT)
Hi Ron, Just stopped by to see your homepage. I liked it, especially the part about the NRA. Hope you're enjoying retirement and RV'ing. 73 Roy
WA4DOU <[email protected]>
Elm City, NC USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2000 at 20:03:31 (EDT)
All this from a trailer? What are you using to pull that thing?
W6TOY/3 <[email protected]>
Silver Spring, MD USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2000 at 17:31:29 (EDT)
like your site but not he NRA
N7LLG <[email protected]>
Seattle, wa USA - Thursday, June 01, 2000 at 16:15:57 (EDT)
Very funny site
KD4LEC <[email protected]>
Valrico, fl USA - Monday, May 01, 2000 at 23:17:22 (EDT)
Nice home page.
kd8bj <[email protected]>
Gahanna, OH USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at 13:11:24 (EDT)
Have FUN!! Good Luck
WA7SSA <[email protected]>
Idaho Falls, ID USA - Monday, April 03, 2000 at 19:53:35 (EDT)
Nice site, but who's that ugly looking banjo player?
N4BP <[email protected]>
Plantation, FL USA - Monday, April 03, 2000 at 02:25:00 (EDT)
What goes up must come down, including Force 12s.
K1MG <[email protected]>
Saratoga, CA USA - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 14:12:42 (EST)
Good luck Ron with your new nomadic life
G4WIF <[email protected]>
The old country - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 11:36:26 (EST)
Ron - Congratulations on your retirement. I wish you many years of motorhoming and pounding brass. If you are ever in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area please call - you are very welcome to stay with Beth and I. 73 de Denny AD6EZ<
AD6EZ <[email protected]>
Goleta, CA USA - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 11:30:10 (EST)
Hi Ron, Thought I would drop in and say Hi! Wow, 70 visitors already. Some antenna system you had set up in your back yard. I would like to see my neighbors faces if I put something like that up in my backyard. :-) Take care, Ron... 73 de Mike KK7GG
KK7GG <[email protected]>
Newberg, OR USA - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 11:29:58 (EST)
Well done page Ron, great tower! i would post pics of my antenna farm but a few wires on the ceiling wouldnt make anyones tubes glow, lol. Take care! 73
N7YA <[email protected]>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 11:29:42 (EST)
Ron, NRA and QRP -- you're my kind of guy. Nice page, Ron.
AA3SJ <[email protected]>
Millersburg, PA USA - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 11:26:40 (EST)
Great site, wish you well with your mobile qth.
VA7NT <[email protected]>
Vancouver, BC Canada - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 11:26:39 (EST)
...super page Ron!....love the pictures and I got to see your banjo!...72 - Bruce
VE5RC+VE5QRP <[email protected]>
Regina, SK Canada - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 11:22:39 (EST)
Great page Ron. Man I love that tower! 72, 73
N8IE <[email protected]>
Kettering, Oh USA - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 11:10:23 (EST)
Ditto what Mary said! Except for that 88 stuff!! ;-)
KD7VD <[email protected]>
Boise, ID USA - Friday, February 11, 2000 at 00:42:33 (EST)
Great page Ron...can't wait to see what's next!!!! 88 Mary
NA6E <[email protected]>
Sacramento, CA USA - Tuesday, February 08, 2000 at 14:09:45 (EST)