The Shack

 /Picture of an ICOM IC-718 amateur radio/ My shack consists of an ICOM IC-718, normally at 100W SSB/30-40W digital, to an 10-80 meter EFHW antenna about 60' high. No antenna matcher is needed since I usually get a 1.7:1 or lower SWR on all bands. I have had success with this little setup as it's been very reliable even with poor propagation. I am on my second IC-718 radio. It's easy to use, works well, and has a sensitive receiver. It also has a 100% duty cycle and handles digital modes quite well. I am hoping to replace this radio with an ICOM IC-7610 eventually.

 /Picture of an ICOM IC-706MKII amateur radio/ My portable station consists of an ICOM IC-706MKII, a MFJ Versa Tuner II antenna matcher, and either a homemade 40 meter dipole antenna or a Buddipole antenna. This station fits into a small container and can go anywehere I want to go. I enjoy going out into the Cherokee National Forest and operating from various places as that is a good excuse to get out into nature and enjoy myself.

All digital modes use a SignaLink USB external soundcard. I have a Signalink SL-1 external soundcard for a backup.

I use a Yaesu FTM-3100 for 2 meter in the shack. I also have a Kenwood TM-261A and TR-7400A and a KEK FM-2030 on the shelf.

Software used in the shack:

I have several Raspberry Pi computers and I eventually want to build a Ham Clock system for the shack.