To my personal little corner in cyberspace
I'm Joe, KR3P, and here are some of the things I enjoy:
First, let me introduce you to a wonderful IRC network I've found:
I am one of the IRC OPerators on Infinity-IRC. I can usually be found in: #Infinity, and #Z.
If you are looking for an IRC network with minimal restrictions and where the staff won't bother you unless absolutely necessary, come to Infinity-IRC.
If you kick an IRCOP or ADMIN out of your channel on other networks, be prepared to watch your channel disappear. On Infinity-IRC, if you kick an IRCOP or ADMIN out of your channel, they accept the fact that you do not want them in there and they will respect your wishes. Of course, if you are violating one of the very few rules of the network, expect to answer for your actions. You will have the chance to defend yourself, and K-LINEs from Infinity-IRC are not used unless you continue to ignore the rules and the repeated warnings you are given. In other words, if you make a mistake, you won't be banned from the network on the first offense. Other networks may not even bother to find out if the accusations are real and would ban you without warning. The ONLY exceptions to this policy is if you are found to be hacking the network. After all, hacking is hardly an accident!
So, what ARE the rules? Simple:
Nuking is a Federal offence, it will earn you a K-line.
(You will receive one warning)
No spamming, harassing or flooding
Now, is that simple or what?
If you can follow these rules, you've got it made. There ARE channel rules made by the channel managers. For example, the help channels are to be kept CLEAN. (No swearing, vulgarity or similar actions will be allowed.) If the channel has no limits on the language, and some channels such as  #chatzone have no limits, then say what you wish. You will not be punished by any of the Infinity-IRC staff. Of course, if you offend the channel manager, he has the right to kick and ban you from the channel. After all, it IS his channel, just as any channels you start will be YOUR channel and YOUR rules, but remember -  NO child-porn will be tolerated.
#Cyberchat is a clean channel if that is more to your taste.
Do you like trading #MP3 files, Traders are welcome in #MP3 so enjoy yourself.
I've tried to summarize the rules to the best of my ability, but for the complete, official rules, visit our web page at:
This site is still under construction!
There may be some typos, so don't trip over the text!
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