(formerly KQ7K)

The Northern Rockies DX PacketCluster

Great Falls, Montana

PacketCluster Information

GTFDX:N7CZ operates on a frequecy of 145.010MHz in Great Falls, Montana.

GTFDX:N7CZ is running DXNET 3.1 for DOS. I am in the process of trying to learn Linux so I can install the Linux version. Wish me luck. I will be connecting the system to the Internet as well.

It is my hope to provide a common place for the local DX'er & Contesters to hang out with like minded people. I envision the local DX'er & contesters chatting about the latest contest or "rare one". This area of Montana does not boast many hams of this type. Even fewer that have packet stations. Most have computers and telnet into the Mega-Cluster via the Internet. It is truly a challenge to convince the "guys" that it is better to use packet radio.


Packet Radio Assistance

If you need help learning how to use the PacketCluster or would like to get assistance setting up your packet radio station, drop me a line. There is nothing to fear!

If you have additional projects that you would like to see. Drop me a line.


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Updated Tuesday, March 07, 2000