KL7X-2 Meter EME-Anchorage Alaska

KL7X - Anchorage, Alaska

( Updated May 28, 2001 )

Welcome to the KL7X Website. KL7X is a Moon Bounce, EMEer from the"Great State of Alaska". This site will serve as a simple overview into the KL7X EME Station and EME Statistics.

Web Site since 13 May 2001

Table of Contents

Biography of KL7X
The KL7X EME Array with Mike on the ladder.
The KL7X EME Array from a different angle.
Overview of the Rotor system and tower with Mike, KL7X, on the ladder.
Prop Pitch motor on KL7X array.
Prop Pitch motor-drive on KL7X array.
Prop Pitch drive on KL7X array.
Connections to the Selsyn on KL7X array.
Elevation system details
More Elevation system details
Feedline details. Not the best example but the idea is clear.
The Control Box at the base of the tower.
One of the power dividers.
AL7FS (ex-WA0LPK/KL7) QRP Site - 2 meter WAS #36 - active EME in Alaska's past.
... AL7FS (ex-WA0LPK/KL7) EME Antennas 1981


.....The main point of this web site is to share my EME station with those of you who have been asking for pictures. AL7FS, Jim Larsen (ex-WA0LPK/KL7), has been instrumental in taking the digital pictures and setting up this website. As more pictures are available, Jim and I will try to add them to this site.


73 - Mike Turner - KL7X

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