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My KX1 #00857 with homebrew paddles.
My KX1 with homebrew bulldog paddles.
MicroBullDog Construction Notes
Ten Dollar Miracle Whip Clone
Here is my RockMite (I call it MiteyMouse)Bigger photo
Here is the inside of MiteyMouseBigger photo
I made a contact with MiteyMouse the day it was built Mar 15,2003
under pretty rough propagation conditions.
Rockmite MicroMountaneer
Rockmite MicroMountaneer case
33 states 3 provinces 154 contacts in a weekend with 5 watts
2003 ARRL DX Contest Log (QRP)
I actually WON the Alaska QRP division for that Contest!
FT100d / FT817 / VX5R crosslink for remote base
HeathKit HW8 Double Sideband Mod
My Files
Propagation Info
EchoLink Active Node List
My EchoLink Node is KL7R-L (129948) and is often connected to the *ALASKA* or *QRP* conferences
Come join us on the *QRP* Echolink conference at 0200Z
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