Some Alaska Hamradio Humor

* This page originates in Alaska *
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Moose Tasting Tower Guys
It's real, not Photoshopped.

Moose calf coax

Moose in antenna ropes
He was in rut and looking for trouble.

Moose ordering a McDonalds

Young Griz visitor
It's good idea to have a watchdog alerting when busy on antennas.

Moose in Window

DX Dinner

Moose calf OP

AK Tower Party

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Fishdx animation

Below a tribute to the company over 4 decades of DX'ing and... keeping those pesky moose out of the antennas.

Corgi partners now gone, time flies.
Author's sled dog  New KL7

My current moose chasers below; a blue eyes merle American Shepard (Mini Aussie) and another Corgi (his name is Shorty).
Living with two herding breeds; they run the place. The wife and I just live here!


P.S. I went to the dogs long ago, used to mush my dog team in the early 1970's but had no ham radio gear involved. One never forgets the serenity of mushing a team of huskies and the nostalgia of another era.