The Brake System:

This is the brake system I developed to get a grip on the "run-away" elevation problem.  The spring keeps the brake normally "ON" while the solenoid releases the brake whenever elevation motor power is applied.  This aparatus mounts on the 20 ton elevation jackscrew.

Mvc-027f.jpg (98953 bytes)



This is the power distribution and control panel mounted in an enclosure on the tower.   It distributes and controls the 240 vac and 120 vac to motors and solenoids.   Also provides 240v and 120v convenience outlets for welders, air compressors, etc.

Mvc-026f.jpg (86537 bytes)



Here is a picture of the future drive gearbox for the azimuth.   It is an Emmerson 25:1 gear reduction unit weighing about 100 pounds.  The output shaft approaches 2 inch diameter and will have a pinion that mates up with the gear on the outer edge of the big bearing.  The plan is to install this before the December 2000 schedule weekend.

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Here is a shot of the dish at an elevation of about 20 degrees.  Some day the sun will come out and I will get some decent pictures.

Mvc-003a.jpg (65969 bytes)


I do have some tree trimming to do, but its not as bad as it looks in this shot.

Mvc-002f.jpg (73853 bytes)


The END.