The Azimuth Drive:

This is the culprit!  The azimuth drive sprocket with the slipping set screws.   This will be brazed in place or pinned soon:

Mvc-014s.jpg (34570 bytes)


This is the HD-73 rotor with the stops removed.  The rotor moved the array fairly well until the sprocket started slipping.  I plan to replace it with a more powerful motor before the contest.

Mvc-002s.jpg (26666 bytes)


This is the azimuth position pot mounted inside the center of the bearing.  This is a temporary arrangement until I can come up with a pulse counter using a Hall effect device.  The elevation position is a similar arrangement held in place with a magnet for now.

Mvc-001s.jpg (38240 bytes)


The Feed:

I am using the K4QI dual dipole designfor the 0.45 f/D dish.  This tunes very nicely to close to 1:1 VSWR.

Mvc-019a.jpg (34761 bytes)


Another shot showing the PVC "cage."

Mvc-017s.jpg (27964 bytes)


This is the final mounting of the feed viewed through the access hatch in the dish.

Mvc-003s.jpg (12504 bytes)


Polarity rotator:

Mvc-004a.jpg (42455 bytes)


Here is a shot of the dish elevated to about 45 degrees.  This is the highest elevation that will hold in position without the  brake sysytem.

Mvc-015b.jpg (26037 bytes)


Here is my friend Richard tightening bolts.  He's not a ham but is anxious to do some radio astronomy.

Richard.jpg (74950 bytes)


The END.