The Crane:

The crane arrived at 10:30 AM on October 9, and started by lifting the AZ/EL mount into position:

Dish1.jpg (37403 bytes)


Once lined up, there are 29 7/8" bolts and nuts to tighten up.

Dish2.jpg (49324 bytes)


And now the dish, 2500 pounds of aluminum suspended in mid air.

Dish5.jpg (46815 bytes)


Just about to set it in place.  The very top and very bottom of the octagon have 1" studs which are the first points to attach the dish to the steel.

Dish6.jpg (48189 bytes)


Set in place.  2 1/2 hours of crane time @ $125/hr.  Not bad.

Dish8.jpg (46672 bytes)

As of Oct. 11, of the four panels left out for craning,  two are in place, two left to install, hopefully finished this weekend.


The END.