AZ-EL Mount Final Framework Construction:

This is the beginning of the construction of the framework.  I am winching the two side rails and "backbone" into position.

az1.jpg (49894 bytes)


Here I am lacing the rails with the various angle-iron pieces.  There are a total of about 50 individual lengths of angle iron which make up this structure.

az2.jpg (42539 bytes)


Notice in the upper portion of this picture...the holes don't all line up perfectly and often need "persuasion."

az3.jpg (40135 bytes)


The framework is taking shape.

az4.jpg (43868 bytes)


Here I am using ratchet straps to install the lower and most sturdy crossmember which probably weighs 150 pounds or so:

az5.jpg (41794 bytes)


A view from the top of the tower with all three crossmembers installed.  You can now see the 8 points of the octagon which will connect to the aluminum truss of the dish.

 az6.jpg (52628 bytes)


This is the completed framework.  I have cranked it up to an equivalent elevation of about 70 degrees using the 1/2" drill.  Should be no problem for the 1.5 hp motor and 4.75:1 sprocket ratio.  The mount still has the reflectors from when it was the back end of the transportable earthstation trailer.  I think I will leave them on there just for grins.

az11.jpg (38324 bytes)


The END.