Tower Top Plate (Chapter 2):

This is the top after removing it from the truck.  We laid it down flat and lifted it to the top.  I have no action shots of this since it took place after dark.

top1.jpg (38702 bytes)


This is the top after setting it in place on top of the pilings.  

top4.jpg (53284 bytes)


Another view from farther away:

top3.jpg (64971 bytes)


Standing on top looking down on the 15/16" bolt holes for the inner part of the bearing:

top5.jpg (46618 bytes)


Another shot of the dish viewed from the top of the tower:

dishview.jpg (30948 bytes)


AZ/EL Mount Bearing Plates:

These next two pictures are of the upper and lower plates which attach the AZ/EL mount to the outer part of the bearing.  The shorter bolts attach the lower bearing plate to the 8" X 8" I-beam which runs through the middle of the AZ/EL mount.  The longer bolts span through the 8" thickness of the mount and "sandwich" it in between.  Every other bolt is inserted through 3/4" steel pipe which reinforces the connection between the upper and lower plates.   My "spare" 263 pound X 30" crane bearing is on the right.

plates1.jpg (37150 bytes)


The bolts which are not inserted through 3/4" pipe are longer simply because I had them on hand.  I will tighten them through 1 1/2" pipe spacers.  This whole assembly weighs nearly 500 pounds.

plates2.jpg (46207 bytes)

The END.