Pictures for May

Here is the 2 meter feed I tried out recently.  I had good copy on F3VS and I2FAK, but they did not hear me with my 600 watts :

2mfeed2.JPG (26685 bytes)


While climbing around working on the feed, I snapped a picture of the hatch that I crawl through to get up inside the dish (couldn't keep my fat toes out of the picture):

hatch.jpg (31046 bytes)


Here is a nice picure of the dish in the sun:

sun17b.jpg (65983 bytes)


And a shot of the rear of the dish:

backside.jpg (88288 bytes)


And a picture of the 1296 preamp I built while recouperating from surgery:

23cmPre.JPG (49930 bytes)


Here are some pictures of the KAØRYT preamp yet to be installed.

ryt2.JPG (78608 bytes)

ryt4.JPG (78950 bytes)

The END.