AZ/EL Mount Pictures:

The unit has just been cut off and we are tipping it up to remove unnecessary material from the bottom:


The forklift is a very handy guess is this weighs about 3000 lbs:

The underside will be cleaned and painted prior to attaching the AZ bearing:

Back in my yard atop the trailer to which it was once attached:


Piling installation pictures:


This is a homebrew pile driver made from a military surplus vehicle of some kind with aircraft wheels and a Diesel engine. It is all hydraulic. The hammer is a commercial item.


This is John, the operator and welder extraordinaire:


My wife Lana meets John the pile driver:


Welding on the next piece of pipe after driving the first one 12 feet:


Another view of the pile driver,


A picture of the Diesel powered hammer just as it has fired. This hammer has an 800 pound drop, but when the fuel ignites, it delivers 2500 pounds of driving force:



The finished tower will be pictured here probably by August 12.

The END.