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ARRL - Home page
WL7LP - Home page. Stop by and check it out!!
Fairbanks - Arctic Amateur Radio Club


Chroma Pix - Excellent windows SSTV program. Very Nice! Grab the latest update.
JVCOMM32 - This is the new Windows Jvfax sstv program, called Jvcomm32
Proskan - A very nice Dos sstv program. Try the Demo!
SSTV32 - Jamie new 32 bit sstv windows program.
WXSAT 2.57x - Newest version. for receiving weather satelite pictures.
MMSSTV 1.11G Updated 3-19-05


WINTNC 1.01 - Packet program that works in windows. Runs a Baycom modem very nicely.
Wtnc101g - A update for Wintnc. brings it to the G version.
WinPack 6.80 - A very nice windows packet program. Full install version New!
Winpack 6.80 - Update WinPack 6.70 to 6.80.
AGWPE - A packet engine. works well with winpack. - version 2001.18
Paket 6.2 - Nice Dos packet program. has a setup feature for most all tnc's out there.

PSK31 Stuff
Very nice RTTY like program. catching on everywhere. works with the sound card. A type head frontend for PSK31 with other features. if you use PSK you need this little baby. you'll need these first. then get the upgrade. Disk 1 Disk 2 Get the current upgrade version 1.34 Digipan is catching on all over. seems lots of folks are using it now. has a very nice look to it. waterfall display is cool. Try it! it's free the best part. now with 2 radio displays. download Digipan here or click on the link above to get more info.
Stream HamScope
new MFSK digital mode. catching on fast. will do MFSK, PSK, RTTY. Try it think you will like it. Very nice windows interface. but receives garbage on screen when not receiving. very annonying. Also another version of MFSK. interface looks and feels like winpsk. works alot better than stream in my opinion. but hey you try it and see. new version 1.4

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