Cool Radio Stuff From Japan 

Click here to see my pictures of radio stores in Japan.

You should also check out the great Japanese QRP web site of T. Kiyakawauchi, JE2CDC

Visit Akihabara on the web.  Click here to go there now in English.

My favorite equipment you can't get in the states...

Kenwood TH-59 1200 MHz handie talkie.

Click here fore more info on how to program and use the TH-59 radio.

Radix 2 element telescoping dipole / V HF antennas.  These antennas are available in 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6 meter models.  They consist of one or more telescoping sections of aluminum tubing mounted to a plate which is mounted to a pole or mast.  The lower frequency antennas (40m, 20m) have loading coils while the higher frequency antennas are just the aluminum tube.  The centeral mount allows the antenna elements to swing from horizontal dipole mode up to a 90 degree "V" configuration. The center mount also has a small balun.

The two top elements are the 40 meter pair, the lower pair are the 10/15 meter pair.  For 10/15 meters, you can just slide the elements in and out to change bands.

Here is the mounting plate assembly.  The antenna elements slip on the the ends of the insulated mounts and the antennas have a threaded ring that screws the antenna element to the mount.

Radix 2 Element 6 meter folding yagi.  The elements fold back along the boom and the elements telescope out in two sections.  Perfect for light weight Field Day operations.

Folded for transport.

Tokyo Hi-Mound MK-706 key.  The plastic cover keeps dust and dirt off the contacts in the field.

Tokyo Hy-Power Labs model 750 HF QRP handi-talkie.  SSB/CW on 40m, 15m and 6m!  Runs on internal AA batteries and puts out about 3 watts.

This is the Tokyo Hy-Power 750 matching amplifier. 80-6 meters,  3-10 watts in for 50 watts out.


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