A portable QRP station... the NC40A from Wilderness Radio.

The top box is the NC-40A and the bottom box is a homebrew power supply / battery box for portable operation.

The battery box has a built-in solar charge controller and two 12v 1.2 AH gel cells. The solar panel folds open to deliver 12v at 600 ma or 24v at 300 ma.

Solar panel closed. Ready for transport.

Internal view of the battery box. Gel cells are on either side, the charge controller is located in the middle. Two meters show input / output voltage and current. The little transformer at the back is for an internal AC power supply that is not yet complete. The bridge & filter caps are not yet installed... and using the computer AC adaptor works so well, it may never get installed.

Inside view of the completed NC-40A.

Schematic diagram of the battery box. The input is either the solar panel or my laptop charger when operating from the hotel. The charger puts out 15v at 2A to run the computer or charge the batteries.

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