Milliwatt CW contest Second Leg of "Triple Crown"

Friday April 14th 2200Z to Saturday April 15th 0200 Z-------This is Friday
evening local.

Sunday April 16th, 0000Z to 0400Z --------------------------------This is
Saturday evening local.

Monday April 17th, 0200Z to 0600Z---------------------------------This is
Sunday evening local.

Contestants may submit a log for only 2 days of the 3 day contest.

EXCHANGE:  Exchange RST, SPC, First Name, PWR.
Suggest using W as decimal point when reporting power.  I.e., 1W5 =
1.5W, W5 = 500mW, W25 = 250mW, W02 = 20mW.

SCORING:  QSO points are awarded to contestants according to their power
output.  Power may be changed from QSO to QSO and must be noted in the

1001mW and over   1  Point
501mW to 1000mW   2  Points
251mW to  500mW   4  Points
101mW to  250mW   8  Points
 51mW to  100mW  16  Points
 26mW to   50mW  32  Points
 11mW to   25mW  64  Points
  1mW to   10mW 128  Points
 <1mW           500  Points

NOTE:  No schedules or prearranged contacts between stations are

BONUS MULTIPLIER:  Number of identical first letters of first names
worked.  I.e., worked Jim, John, Jennie, Joe, Jack, = 5 multiplier.
Note: one name only counts once - if you work 10 Jacks, that's still
just one multiplier.

CLUB BONUS:  Anyone who works a club station which is running the
specified power levels listed below collects bonus points as follows:
(Clubs will not raise or lower power to accommodate a single QSO.)

900mW  1,000 points
500mW  2,000 points
250mW  3,000 points
100mW  4,000 points
 50mW  5,000 points

Calculate score for each days activity:

(QSO Points) X (Total SPC Multipliers all bands) X (Bonus Multiplier) +
(Club Bonus total) = Daily Score.
Add the two best daily scores to find Total Score.

PRIZES: G4ZPY straight and a HiMound Paddle, details later.  

LOGS:  Submit logs before June 1st, 2000.  Winners will be announced on
QRP-L and KLQRP.  Send logs to:

Ed Rowan
1450 North Main Street
Greenwood, Ar. 72936

email entries to: [email protected]

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