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619th Tactical Control Squadron
Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

 Doung Dong Air Station

The detachments were known as Forward Air Control Posts, FACP's - and used search radar's to control aircraft and give artillery warnings. The sites were manned by the least possible number of airmen. Typically, you would find a Aerial Port Squadron at one of our detachments, as well as Air Force Security Police personal on TDY assignment.

Members of the detachment 1 619th TCS are encouraged to submit via e-mail any recollections, narratives or comments for inclusion on this page to Jim Hale - [email protected]

Detachment 1 "Swiss boy Control"
Phu Quoc Island - Doung Dong Air Station

Phu Quoc island is located off the southwest coast of Vietnam, and Det. 1 was a 500x1000' compound by the airstrip at Doung Dong village. There were bunkers at all corners and mid points. The berm was strung with continua wire and claymore mines were laid outside the wire. Airmen from the Det. 1 manned a mortar pit and quad 50 cal Jeep.

On the lighter side, we had a Jeep that hit a mine and declared a combat loss, but the mechanics repaired it and painted it hot pink, naming it the "Pink Panther". It was used for trips to recreational trips to town.

Phu Quoc was a very sandy and hot island, and when temperatures got too high we were allowed to go to the beach a short walk away. We didn't have surfboards but body surfing was a popular sport. There were a few who had small disks they skimmed along the beach line. Jellyfish were the main problem, but sharks had been sighted from the air while coming in for a landing.

- Jim Hale ([email protected])

Man i remember body surfing during monsoon, big ass storm, its was GREAT. I never rode such powerful waves be4. took 15min 2 get out 2 the waves, bout 30sec 2 ride back in. WOW. Also member sharks bout 30-50 yards out swimming round. The planes landing could c them in the water, then c us swimming ,thought we were all crazzy, we were!!!! Funny 2 have good mem0ries of Nam when so many others have such bad ones, we were lucky HU jim??? b well (see the beach below)

-charley ([email protected])

Member the time we all went 2 town, all got wasted & came back long after curfu. Boy was he pissed. He was waiting 4 us @ the entrance bunker,started yelling @ us, I yelled back, got in2 a real screaming match.No 1 else got in2 trouble but me, but thats the way it was with me.Member "DOC" the medic who went on a binch when we got orders 2 leave, on the plan back he went in2 dt's & flipped out on the plane.

That must have been a blast 2 travel all round like u did,I would have loved 2 did that. Boy talking bout nam brings back lots of memories, haven't talked bout it 4 25years or more. Member when the green barets attacked us just b4 they pulled out. Fired garnades & all @ us. Was that cool or what. Most people who never experienced what we did would have a hard time understanding what we r talking bout ?????

Well anywho its great having some1 2 talk bout nam wit. It still brings back feelings & all. So if ya got anymore pics,send them. I had some but i lived a pretty nomadic life after nam,moving round & round, not keeping anything or collecting anything. Not till i setteled down.

yur bud

-charley ([email protected])

Charley and I both worked in the generator shack at Doung Dong Air Station. Its been great meeting him again after 30 years. Its only been online via email, but its a wonderfull thing. We hope that others will be so fortunate to find there old friends from Vietnam. So much to catch up on after all these years.

As for myself, I moved from Miami to the Ozarks. My homestead is energy self sufficent, cooled & heated by the Earth, and powered by wind & Sun. Its great to live here in the boonies. Some distance from the power grid.

This all got started in Vietnam. When I was at the remote site (Doung Dong) I was a happy camper. But if I had to go to Saigon's Tan San Nhut AB I was uneasy. As soon as I got back to the site I was comfortable again. This continues today if I have to go to Fayetteville, Ar. (the closest "big city") the same feelings come over me.

Whats up with that!?


The beach at Doung Dong (near the former air base) on Phu Quoc island in 1997, the same beach where Charley and Jim Hale used to body surf. (see story above). Submitted by Jim Hale, photo by his daughter Michelle.
Phu Quoc airstrip was built by the Japanese in WW2. This is the new airport at Phu Quoc Island (Duong Dong) former home of Det. 1 619th TCS, taken in 1997. Submitted by Jim Hale.

VHS Movie of Det.1 619th TCS available
I have available a movie of the airforce station at Phu Quoc Island
dated 1967. It is available if anyone would care to see it.  My address
is Richard Sena, 25631  3rd Street, Barstow, Ca 92311.
I do not have a e mail address.  Richard

Note from Jim Hale: If you want the movie from Richard please
send him a blank VHS tape & $3. for postage.

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