The Mighty Arkansas 49er

This little 40M CW transceiver is built into an Altoids mint tin. The kit was offered by NorCal QRP club afew years ago for $25. I built it and got it working as it was intended to. Even made some mobile contacts with it putting out only afew hundred milliwatts. But soon the modifications began to posted on QRP-L, and I did most of them. This final version puts out 1.2 watts of RF, and has a much improved output filter.
With this little radio transceiver I took 1st prize in all three 49er/Pixie novelty radio contests, in the 49er class. I received a GM-15 xcvr kit, and two TICK cw keyer kits. I just love contests, and if there is a REAL prize, I'm working hard to win!

The 49er kit is no longer available, but you can get
49er details/schematic/mods from NorCal QRP Club - 

The 49er boards are still quite available (for $4 +
shipping) from Fred at FAR Circuits.

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