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Welcome everybody! My name is Jeff and my call is KJ4RWH. Iím located in Bedford, Va. I sat and passed my Technicianís test in February 2010 and upgraded to General in July of that year. I thought the Tech ticket would satisfy the itch. I bought a HT and put a mobile in the car but soon discovered that was somewhat limiting. Strange hobby, the license is ďfreeĒ but the accessories can put you in the poor house! Soon after passing the General, I found a nice, used ICOM HF rig and started building a station. Right now Iím running 100 watts to a multi-band dipole elevated to 30 feet. We have approximately 10 hours of high duty cycle battery backup and generator power to charge and run beyond that.

Bedford, VA

Bedford, VA is located in Central Virginia midway between Roanoke and Lynchburg. Itís a small city of 6,000 steeped in history ranging from the Civil War to the present. Bedford is home for the National D-Day Memorial. A beautiful memorial and park to honor and educate visitors about the battle and sacrifice of our soldiers in that pivotal battle.