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Hello all, my name is Jeremy Manning and I am an Amateur Radio operator. Calhoun Falls, a small town in the upstate of South Carolina, is where I call home. Here I serve the community not only as an amateur radio operator but also as a trained interior strucural firefighter.

I got intrested in ham radio at an early age. I guess I got that from Daddy. My dad was invovled in the EMS and fire services during my early years of life and had an intrest in radio telegraphy with the business band radios. He always had a radio by his side. In the middle of 2003 my father and I began studying for the Technician Class License. Daddy got his the first time he had taken the test, but I wasn't that lucky. I really had not been studing much. Actually, none. It took me three tries to finally get my license without studying. If I had to go back and do it over I would study more than I did.

I have been around the fire service all of my life. I got more involved as I grew older. I offically joined the fire department in 2004. I incorperate photography with the fire service and get extrodinary photos of firefighting in action.