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HAM Radio Classes: 

    Come one, come all!!  I started the classes for the scouts I worked with.  But I invite everyone to join a wonderful hobby.  The classes are in Louisville, Colorado at the Boulder Stake Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, at the corner of South Boulder Road and Washington Street.  (Right at the top of the small hill.)

South Boulder road runs east and west. In Boulder, it is also known as Table Mesa Drive. Head east from Boulder or West from Highway 287 in Lafeyette. Either way, turn north at Washington and come into the Northeast end of the building. The class is in the far northeast corner classroom.
    The classes will begin at 7pm local time, Wednesday, 21 Sep 05.  Two subjects and a demonstration will be presented each Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm for six weeks. A seventh week has been added for makeup and review if necessary. The eighth week is the actual testing night in the same location.  
    We will follow the ARRL text "Now You're Talking", Fifth (5th) edition.  The text costs $19.95 at HRO  or wherever you might find it.  If you go to the or web sites, they sometimes have used books for less.  I'll also have a limited number of copies for the same price for the first few nights of the class.  Though the book costs $19.95, you get to keep it, and the course itself is free.  Individual modules will be taught by HAM radio operators from along the Colorado front range.  You can take a look at the syllabus by clicking on this sentence .  And if you are a HAM, please call me and volunteer to share your hobby with eager new students by teaching a module!
    This will be our Sixth HAM radio class. So far, about 52 people have gotten their Technician License after taking this class.  You could be next!  For more information, send an email to KI0RE.
By popular demand, for the first time, here is a registration form for preregistration. Please fill it out and send it to me only if you'd like to preregister. There will be an opportunity to do so during the class also.

Hi, I am Terry Lee Moore, KI0RE. Please let me know how you like the pages.

I am no longer the Colorado ON TARGET HAM Coordinator. I leave the link here just in case someone needs the old information. I would be happy to work with whomever takes over this duty, and link to their page, but I had no time for it this year.

On the evening of 16 Nov 01, several people jumped in some cars and went out to take some pictures. They wanted to take some stereo shots of the meteors that night, so they set up two cameras about 4 miles apart. They used HAM radio to coordinate the shots.  (I think it worked well.:^)
They wanted to avoid some clouds, so they drove way out east of Sterling, CO. Here are some images they shot that night....err.. the next the cold.   Look here to see some Leonids in stereo.

I have some links here so I can get to places when I'm not at home.
The link to Terry's links

Aaron is my son. He also has his HAM license, KC0FGF
Aaron's Links  

 A picture from my birthday party, 2 Feb 03.

 The following are some other pictures taken that same night.

Aaron cropped from another image.

Big picture of Darrel, Gillian, & Abbegail

Judy and John

Susan and crew

Melissa and Jeremy


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