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Listed below are a small number of useful amateur radio related resources. If you feel you have/know of a page that might be appropriate here, please e-mail me.

Callsign Lookup Clyde Coast Marshalls Free Downloads Page
HAMsters (youth club) HamTest.Com Intro to Ham Radio, help study for any test Harry's Homebrew Page
!AAA Amateur Packet Radio Networking Home Page (more than just packet) Colorado QRP Club TvRadio World - Radio and Television Broadcasting Directory
The Rover Resource Page UK Six Metre Group SRARC YL Page

Recommended Reading for all amateurs, but especially for beginners (in no particular order)

Now You're Talking! All You Need to Get Your Ham Radio Technician License edited by Larry D. Wolfgang and Joel P. Kleinman - The title says it all.

Ride the Airwaves with Alfa and Zulu by John Abbot. - Cartoon book that teaches theory needed for the no-code Technician license.

The ARRL Operating Manual edited by Steve Ford - An introduction reference to most of the many aspects of the hobby.

Practical Wire Antennas: Effective HF Designs of the Radio Amateur by John D. Heyes - Great info on wire antenna designs. ***This used to be available from Amazon.Co.Uk, but has been discontinued. I have contacted the publisher to ascertain if it is still in print. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.***

Six Meters: A Guide to the Magic Band by Ken Neubeck - An introduction to the six meter band.

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