Emergency Communication Participation

Including some information specific to Colorado

American Red Cross

During the wildfires of the summer of 2000 the American Red Cross was called into action. In the Denver Metro area the Mile High Chapter provided assistance for the Hi Meadow (June) and Boulder (September) fires. Colorado hams were also needed during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack disaster to help with stranded airport passengers.  The Red Cross and local hams have been called to help with other wild fires and emergencies.

ARES in Colorado

General information on ARES in Colorado may be found here. The net for ARES District 27 (Adams County) may be heard Monday evenings at 7:45 PM local time on the 145.43- RMRL repeater. The backup repeater is ARA's 147.12+ (88.5 Hz CTCSS).

Field Day - June 24, 2000

ARES D-27 operated for four and a half hours, from 12 noon until 4:30 PM (MDT) during Field Day 2000. The site was designated 1A and used the callsign of N�OMA. The setup included an operations canopy (courtesy of Jerome, N�OMA) and pop-up tent trailer (courtesy of Lou, W�QKR). The HF radio was a Kenwood TS-440AT (courtesy of Joel, KG�IL) and used either a dipole or long-wire (both were used) antenna.

Field Day Site Adjusting the Dipole
The site was a mile west of US-85 near Brighton.
Working at Field Day
Lou (W�QKR), Jerome (N�OMA), and Bob (KE�F) adjust the dipole antenna.

Bob (KE�F) and Chris (WB1CGF) work the airwaves while Joe (N�RTD) looks on.

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