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Samoa Radio (former Western Samoa)



2AP is SAMOA's Government Radio Station.

Over the years several Medium Wave stations operated but information is conflicting. Shortwave the information is more conflicting. Almost like a Pirate popped up and another, etc.

In about 1913 the Germans had a Coastal Radio Station and in 1914 it was captured and became VMG

Early Mediumwave 1931 there was a station license 5ZA 940 KHZ. In 1933 it closed.

About 1946 there was beacon ZMAP

Mediumwave - 2AP - 1947

Various Relays operated over the years - 1948 1440 KHZ Later 1404 KHZ. Ceased about 1990.

Mediumwave - Afiamatu Samoan - 1967 1062 KHZ. Ceased about 1990. There was a 1kw relay on Natoi'i on 1395 KHZ. 540 KHZ. That ceased about 1990. There was a Taga relay. There was an Asua Relay on 1251. All closed about 1990.

FM there is or was (Radio Polynesia) Magik FM 98.1 FM Talofa FM 88.5 / 91.5 / 99.9 FM K-Lite FM 101.1 FM Star FM 96.1 FM


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What are your frequencies for Radio and your TV channel & Target audience for both Radio & TV Radio Polynesia Ltd. operates four (4) separate Radio Stations from it’s Savalalo Headquarters in Apia.

The station first opened in September 1989, operating only one bilingual station at the time. This was the original ‘Magik 98.1 FM’. In 1998, we decided to have a station that broadcast solely in our Samoan language, and one in English. There, TALOFA FM was born. We also computerized our stations – which allowed us the option of operating 24 hours. Our on-air announcers would announce up to a certain time in the evening, then the computer would run the rest of the night / early morning until the breakfast show begins the following day. The beauty of automation and technology! So we had Magik 98.1 FM in english, targeting our non-Samoan speaking audience, also playing a variety of English-only music & adverts. Talofa FM on the other hand, played only Samoan music & adverts were translated into Samoan. Not long after that, we opened K-LITE 101.1 FM. We decided to start streamlining our musical preferences to cater to the different age groups. K-Lite FM caters to those that enjoy listening to music from the 1920’s, to easy listening hits of today. Mainly aiming at the ‘older’generation. Catering to 50+ years. (English Only) In 1999 we opened Star 96.1 FM (Originally called K-Roq FM). Again, we were streamlining our music even further. Star FM plays a lot of music from the ‘70’s & ‘80’s, 90’s and hits of today (non-rap). Catering to the age group – 20-50+yrs. (English Only) Magik 98.1 FM is now our top 40 station, catering to the younger listeners - from the very young, to 40+. (English Only) Talofa 88.5 / 99.9 / 91.5 FM targets all ages and has a very large listening audience. Talofa operates on 3 different frequencies, to maximize our coverage across Samoa. We can even reach certain parts of American Samoa, and we have our regular listeners that tune in from the territory, who call us every now and then. So depending on one’s whereabouts on the islands, the frequency that brings in the strongest reception is the one to use. Ideally we would like to put up repeaters for the other stations, but it all boils down to budget. But because Talofa FM is our most popular station, we want to make sure that we have our bases covered by providing optimum coverage. This station attracts listeners of all ages, and broadcasts in the Samoan language only.

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