I am going to restore a site here..upcoming.... Maybe just some old interesting images related to RADIO. Takes time snooping zillions of old images.

I have been totally busy busy busy and nothing here. I edit websites by writing all the code so it can be a slower process. Radio ? I have been licensed since 1964. A book of things to remember !!! Otherwise I seem to have hobbies of HISTORY. I enjoy old things in our environments but the subjects might be varied.. Like Railroad History. Snoop things of the PAST. I enjoy computers and the internet BUT as I get older I am going to reserve the biggest brainy stuff for the 20 year olds. Like creating software programs but maybe de-bugging OK. Age..more experience and younger a swifter brain....

September 2023....February 2024... and no time to create websites !!!!

First License after Years and Years of Radio Listening

Another Application. 160 at the time was being made unusable as strong SSB did not mix with weak signal CW -- Nothing to do with SSB only !!

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Where are the QSL's and AH8/NH8/WH8/KH8

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Nevada -- Maybe where the old Hippies are ?

Far Away -- Maybe where the old Hippies are ?

Snooping in Maine

Ahhh..a coin collection ?