Hello there, Name here is Mev in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. I've been ham radio operator since June '96. Some of the modes I've operated are SSTV, Packet (HF and VHF) Pactor, RTTY, Amtor, SSB, PSK31 and CW. I guess you could say I've done it all...well most modes that is anyway.

Ever wonder why we see "73's?" After all, "73" is "Best Regards" Kind of redundant to add the 's. Think about it.

My HF Rig...The Kenwood TS-830S

My home made CW paddles

This is Don, W9IXG Wisconsin SM, and myself the day we put up my new dipole.

A big thanks to the QSL.NET Staff, for providing this space.

If you find any problems, Drop me a line here [email protected]

R. "Mev" Meverden KG9NF Fitchburg, Wisconsin    Last updated on June 30, 2009

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