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Benton, Louisiana USA
Parish of Bossier
Grid Sq EM32

QSL Direct to
138 Amy Lane
Benton, LA 71006 USA


Xcvr Kenwood ICOM 756 Pro II, Amplifier QRO HF-2500DX and Henry 3K classic

Tri-bands KLM KT-34xa at 45 feet on a Rohn 25g guyed tower

40 meters KLM World Class 4 el 40m Beam at 42 feet on a MA-40 Tris-Tao rotatable tower, also on 40 a Pair of Full size 40m loops spaced one wave length apart and fed "In Phase" these loops are hung vertically between two HBX series 50 foot Towers, they work almost as good as the Beam But can Not be rotated. Bottom of the loops are only a few feet above the ground and the phasing is with 300 ohm TV Twin lead.

80 meters currently a Full wave length loop horizontal 15 feet above the ground, directly fed with coax.

10-160m with a B&W Folded Dipole at 40 feet above the ground.

Early in 2004 I was able to get a pair of Telrex Beams formerly owned by Wes Attaway N5WA
these antennas provide me with 3 elements on 40m and 5 elements on 20m, they are mounted on 85 feet of Rohn 55g
with the 40m beam inches above the rotor, which is a Telrex Prop pitch style. The 20m mono bander is aprox 15 above the 40m beam. Using these two antennas has been a blast !

All antennas are selected automatically using a Top Ten Devices Band decoder with the Source driver Mod, this unit is controlled by the shack computer and in turn controls the two remote band switchs, one is an Ameritron 5 position coaxial relay, which is mounted near the base of the small rohn 25g tower.
The second antenna relay is a DX Engineering antenna switch that is mounted at the coxial access point entrance to the shack.

Lighting Protection is afforded through the use of an I.C.E. surge suppressor on all coax lines that enter the shack.

Dailey Logging is done with DX4WIN I use the 32 bit version , if you use windows for your computer, you should really be using DX4Windows, fantastic program and you can visit his site at Not only is it a great program with lots of features and ease of use, it is written by a someone that will give you great support and quick reply to your email questions.

Contest logging is done using WriteLog


My Callsign at the Top of this page was designed by Jerry K9MY