Welcome to the homepage of the Hardee Amateur Radio Group, the only amateur radio club in Hardee County, Florida. The Hardee Amateur Radio Group, or known more simply by its abbreviation HARG, was officialy organized and chartered in June 2000.

HARDEE COUNTY FACTS - A few facts about Hardee County. Hardee County is roughly southeast of Tampa and Tampa Bay. The population of Hardee County is approximately 27,000, as of the 2000 U.S. Census, and the county seat is Wauchula. Other towns include Bowling Green and Zolfo Springs. Other "stops in the road" include interesting names like Ona, Limestone, Gardner, and Solomon's Castle. For more information you can go to the website of the Hardee Board of County Commissioners and find out more about Hardee County.

CLUB REPEATER - The club repeater is on 146.625 MHz, with a minus 600 KHz transmit offset and is located in Wauchula. A 70 cM repeater is under construction as well. When PL is added to both repeaters, it will be 127.3 Hz.

CLUB MEETINGS - Last Monday of every month at 1900 (7PM) at Crossroads Community Church on Elm Street, just off of State Road 64 in Zolfo Springs, FL.

CLUB FOXHUNT - HARG has foxhunts on occasion. Stay tuned to this webpage and various email reflectors for the announcement of upcoming foxhunts.

CLUB AFFILIATIONS - The club is affiliated with the Hardee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), which is part of the field organization of the ARRL - The National Asssociation for Amateur Radio. The Emergency Coordinator for Hardee County is Darrell Davis KT4WX and the Senior Assistant EC is Matthew Ford KG4KUC.For more information on Hardee County ARES you visit the Hardee County ARES webpage which will be constructed soon.

CLUB OFFICERS - The Officers of the club for the year 2002 are:


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