~ Miss Izzy's Key ~

Isabella’s (Izzy) key was made due to her enjoying sitting on my lap while I am working the nets and other CW contacts. Izzy was very little when I began taking her with me to the shack and now she needs her own chair. Izzy began watching me work the key and then she wanted to touch the key. I have always looked at her curiosity as willingness and desire to learn instead of meddling. I had seen and made several keys out of close pins and paper clips, but I wanted to make her one out of something that was a little more child friendly.

So I got an idea, we snuck into the kitchen and got one of Na Na’s Tupperware bowls and drilled a hole in the bottom of it big enough to put a momentary switch. Then we ran the wire putting the switch in line with the negative terminal from our 9 volt battery to the switch, then to a variable volt buzzer. Then ran the positive lead from the positive battery terminal to the buzzer. Taped it all down with daddy’s sticky tape. And put the bottom on the bowl. The knob is for beginners. It is a drawer knob with the hole drilled out to fit the momentary switch to make the key easier for little kids.  ...73 de Mike and Izzy

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