Jan 20, 2002

   Foxhunt was a success.  We had 8 adults and 3 youths participate and it took aprox. one hour and 50 minutes for them to locate the fox.  They had hardware probs. and shadows effects within the island hindering them from locating it.


Following Participated:

Richard Gallant KF4HVT  President

Phil Royce KE4PWE Vice President

Jason Meader

Albert Marks KE4DSQ

Adrienne Marks KG4IEF

Sal Ippolito  N4YQU

Harry Vaxsant  N3HV

R.  Purrinson     KF4GQ

Dick Schofield   AF4OR

Jammie T.  KD4LXB

Thanks to all that came out and hope to see you at the next one.  This one was easy, next one will be just a bit harder to get everyone into the swing of things(GRIN).  An you will never know for sure if what the fox will be, it will change every time we do one of these events.  Technical information on these devices and upcoming events ideas will be posted as the events occur.


73 de KE4PWE