United States Antarctic Polar Diving Project

Man, don't you just love authenticity in a polar cover?  Any cover? 

i.e. coffee stains and all... all the way from McMurdo to Missouri, and the coffee stain remains intact (making an assumption of course; it could be that the coffee spill was gained from a USPS worker somewhere enroute...) but at any rate, this is a nice documentation of a bona-fide SCUBA dive from McMurdo Sound; I wish their cachet could have fit on the front side, but it's still uncommon to see a polar SCUBA cover.  My guess is that very few polar cover collectors even have a single SCUBA cover in their collection, and with the very strict requirements now in place on philatelic mail, unless one has a personal contact, it is doubtful you would even have a chance to secure one.

Cacheted dive cover from USARP project S-042 for SCUBA operations in McMurdo Sound.

Lake Hoare and McMurdo Sound, by Remotely Operated Vehicle and with SCUBA, Dale T. Andersen autograph.

Reverse side of the SCUBA dive cover, with USARP Antarctic Diving operations cachet.

The wording on cachet is partially covered by USPS routing marks, it says: United States Antarctic Program, Scientific Diving Operations

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library: Diving under Antarctic Ice

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