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I dedicate this page to the memory of my great-grandfather, James Browder Wininger, who served as the City Marshal of Reeds, Missouri, circa 1907.

This is the absolute best law enforcement and emergency services link page I have found. You name it, it's probably here- they even have a section listing child support enforcement WebPages! The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement has a website with links to all of the state IV-D agencies that have their own web sites. (Click on the banner above to go to the main Law Enforcement Links site.)
For Lawmen who perhaps don't hear enough radio chatter while they're on shift; or those who (still) miss it...

What's that? You say your dispatcher "ping-pongs" you all over the county? One more domestic disturbance in-progress, and you'll scream? Hey, dude, you've got it easy!... listening to the radio traffic at this Yahoo! Broadcast website will make you glad you're in your quiet little bailiwick. Listen to live streaming audio from big-city Police Departments like NYPD, LAPD, Dallas PD and others, as well as fire departments and air traffic control. There's never a dull moment, and I find it fascinating-I like to run it in the background while typing reports or surfing. You'll need Real Player to run this program; it's a free download. If you don't have it -click on the icon just below:

Missouri State Emergency Management Agency


Criminal Justice Program at Missouri Southern State College

Criminal Justice Administration: Major of Champions
My alma mater! I was Parliamentarian of MSSC's Student Senate and President of their criminal justice fraternity, Kappa Omicron Rho, a chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association. My degrees are in Law Enforcement (A.S.,1979) and Criminal Justice Administration (B.S., 1985). This southwest Missouri college is known for having one of Missouri's finest criminal justice degree programs and it is currently the largest technical program at Missouri Southern State College. MSSC's famous "ham" celeb is now retired-one of my favorite instructors: A.R.S. NPZT, Don Seneker; former head of MSSC's Criminal Justice program and also-a former President of the Joplin Amateur Radio Club! Also, a tidbit for you sports fans...did you know the Denver Bronco's hot star Rod Smith is a "product" of MSSC? We like our football in Southwest Missouri!

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