Covers from Arctic Greenland:
Ships, Expeditions, and Flights

In this section, click on the images for a larger view.

Cacheted cover from DYE-1, Qaqatoqaq, Greenland. Click on image for an enlarged version.

From Dye1, Qaqatoqaq, Greenland

Small version of documented flight cover over CEAREX by NOAA Aircraft. Click on image to view larger version. NOAA cachet that appears on CEAREX cover; click on image to see a close-up of this cachet.

NOAA Polar Flight over Dye-3 Research Station, Greenland, with cachet that appeared on back.

Cover from the Musk Oxen survey in Greenland; click on image for a larger version.

Cover from the 1985 Musk-Ox survey and Erskine Expeditions, carried per courtesy of Will Higgs.


Cover from the M/S Erika Dan on Arctic Resupply mission.

M/S Erika Dan, on Arctic Resupply Mission to Greenland. Tryksager=Printed Matter Rate

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