Covers from the Falkland Islands

Cover from the 1986 Erskine Wildlife Expedition to the Falkland Islands.

Cover with several "chops" and private rubber stamped markings from the Marlane Marsh sheep farms in the Falkland Islands.

Cover with two "family" cachets from the Marlane Marsh Sheep Farm in West Falkland, postmarked with the then-new Port Stanley machine canceller.

Vessels calling at Port Stanley, Including Cruise Ships

Voyages of the RRS John Biscoe

There will be no further posting of Falkland covers, excepting for any obtained from eBay, etc.; all the remaining covers that were slated to be posted here were lost in my divorce, and their current whereabouts are unknown.  Some stamp dealer back east got a hell of a deal on a first rate cover collection, I know that!

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