Classic Antarctic Covers
Operation Deep Freeze I, II, III

This selection of covers includes markings from some seldom-seen Antarctic Stations. Some are classified as rare, including this one with a cachet from Ellsworth Station as well as one from the USS Wyandot, posted with United Nations postage:


USS Atka Postmark with Adare Station Marking for IGY

Cover with IGY cachet for Amundsen-Scott Station, Auto of Palle Mogensen, backstamped at Wigram, New Zealand

USS Arneb Arctic/Antarctic Express Cachet, with bold Auto of Henry "Hank" Jorda, VX-6 pilot, with VX-6 Cachet, Christmas Day 1955, DF I

First Day Cover from Little America, DF I

Cover from the Icebreaker Edisto for DF I

USS Curtiss AV-4, one line "Helicopter Mail" cachet and Auto of Captain Fritter, postmarked at Little America

Classic VX-6 Cachet, Good Curtiss Postmark

Multiple Autographs- one appears to be from the Captain, name appears to be R.L. Cameron, another from Carl Eklund, Biologist, (the Eklund Biological Center at McMurdo is named after him); a Wilkes Station Cachet, and some equally prominent names appear on the back side:

The back side has autos of Richard Chappell, Antarctic Boy Scout, and Bud Waite, of the U.S. Army Signal Corps; Waite was a member of Byrd's Little America Expedition in 1934. A wonderful cover!

Scott Base, Ross Dependency, Early 1960's: Soon-to-be Classics

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