U.S. Hallett Station:

 This cachet was around a while!

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This page begins with a cover the late Rev. Fred Ranlett (ASPP) received in the 1960's. The cover itself was a coup... it came with a handwritten note, and a real (actual) photograph of penguins and mountains in the background at Cape Hallett, Antarctica. Now, keep your eyes on the cachet for the next 20+ years in this study, ok?

I like this. They apparently never throw anything away "down there!"

Click here to see enclosure that was inside this cover.

Here is a close-up of the cachet. Note it was still there in 1970; see the following.

Now we lose track of the circular cachet for a few years...

Fifteen years later, in 1984-85, I scored this cover with all four signatures of a Joint US-Kiwi Expedition to Hallett Station. Note the same cachet from the 1960's is to the left of the cover; very light blue ink, so it's not real clear in this scan.

Related history: Flight cover from USCGC Polar Sea in '84 to deliver Hallett Station Crew.

Cachet also here on this New Zealand cover from January 1986, with Scott Base Franking.

Someone on board the Polar Star also had access to the US/NZARP 84 cachet; they left the 1984 year date.

The old Hallett cachet didn't make it on this one, but the circular NZ/USARP along with a one-liner appears in January 1986.

And finally, in 1992, the demise of the old Hallett cachet? Looks like some field surgery was performed here.

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