Canadian Ice Island
Flight Covers, 1980's

Canada had a ten year run on their project (roughly) with their Ice Island, and I have quite a few documented flight covers from it. I had many, many more, but won't be able to add due to their untimely departure, via illegal sale, courtesy of the addressee in the first cover!  Like Cuban cigars, divorces are expensive, but worth every damn penny.  ;)  

Many of the early covers had George Hobson's autograph; he was the Director of the Polar Continental Research Project.  His name was lended to one of the islands; "Hobson's Choice".

Flight cover to and from Canadian Ice Island.
With Eureka NWT Postmark

1986 flight cover for a seismic survey.

Flight cover for ski landing and postmarked from Canadian Forces Alert.

Cachet that appears on back of the flight cover immediately above.

Geophysical survey flight cover, signed by Mike Schmidt, Camp Manager.
This one is for a helo flight.

Documented helicopter flight to Canadian Ice Island.

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