Byrd Station, Antarctica

later known as Byrd Surface Camp

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Postcard real photo showing Antenna Array at Byrd Station, 1934

Postcard picturing the Antenna Array at Byrd 's Expedition, 1934
Used courtesy of Merri, ARS ABØMV

QSL card from KC4AAD, Byrd Station, Antarctica

QSL card that was inside another of the late Fred Ranlett's covers from Byrd.

Scan of early machine cancellation from Byrd Station.

Early Machine cancel 05-30-57

Cacheted cover for Avenue of Heroes in Arlington, Virginia-postmarked at Byrd Station.

Printed cachet from National Geographic Society, Op Deep Freeze wording in killers; there was an enclosure with this cover; a printed note from COMNAVSUPPFORANTARCTICA.

Cover from Byrd Station with Operation Deep Freeze Task Force 43 cachet.

Independence Day, 1968

Close-up of the Byrd Station cachet.

Cachet on back of above 1968 cover; note general similarity to Hallett cachet; a similar cachet seems to have been in use at all stations in the 1960's...

A Cachet from Stanford University's, Winter-Over party, postmarked at Byrd 1971

Cacheted cover from Byrd Surface Camp, 1979.

Deep Freeze '79 cover ... formerly owned by Joe Hogan.

Byrd surface camp with multiple signatures.

Seven autographs... not bad; this is a recycle of the old DF 79 cachet. It appears someone has just taken an X-acto knife or similar tool and sectioned out the portion of the rubber stamp that said '79.  Whatever works...

My last cover from Byrd was in 1989; I don't know the exact date of closure of the station. If you have that information, please let me know and I will place it on this page for informational purposes.  I do know that mail I attempted to send there in 1992 came back with markings saying the station was closed.

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