Cape Kennedy Local Post F.D.

By Robert G. Rank, AFDCS #1026Ch

Taken from First Days, Jan-Feb 1965

November 22, 1964 was the official date of issue for both the Cape Kennedy local post and Satellite Beach Local Post, using specially prepared Kennedy Memorial Stamps. The adhesives picture the late president together with various space vehicles and these were the first tri-color stamps of the local type. More than 800 collectors sent for the "first day covers".  But, just a word of explanation.

United States postal regulations permit issuance of a local stamp and the P.O.D. permits operation of a local service for the carrying of mail in towns and villages where no carrier service exists, provided that in each case the United State postage is paid at the full rate. Authority for this is Title 18, Section 1696, of the U.S. Code. It reads:

It is permissible to establish a service for collecting letters from firms or individuals for delivery to a Post Office. The Private Express statutes permit the establishment of a service of collecting for the addressees letters received at the Post Office, provided the letters remain unopened.

The first modern local post was started in Shrub Oak, N.Y., on May 1, 1953 by Herman Herst, who de-discovered (sic) [Should read re-discovered] the above provision. He issued a local stamp for the service, the first one of its kind in over 50 years. This post is still operating.

Many other local posts have since been established across the country. The local stamp and local postmarks are affixed on the far left side of the envelope. The services they prepay vary from one post to another-usually either posting or picking up of mail for private individuals at the U.S. post office.

The unique and exciting feature of the Cape Kennedy local Post and the Satellite Beach Local Post is their tie-in with space activities and their plans to supplement the meager amount of U.S. commemorative space stamps. The adhesives are not postage stamps and are not purported to be. Foreign governments have issued many (often expensive) stamps honoring U.S. space achievements. The locals are attempting to fill the void left by the U.S.P.O.D.

On February 14, both local posts will issue a stamp commemorating the Syncom satellite’s Olympics broadcast and on February 18th each will present a stamp picturing the Astronaut Theodore Freeman who was tragically killed in a plane crash October 31st.  The February date would have been his 35th birthday, profits from the sale of mint stamps will be donated to his family.

“First day covers” may be obtained by submitting a U.S. stamped, self-addressed envelope together with 10c for each to Cape Kennedy Local Post, Box 2338, Satellite Beach, Fla.  At least 2” must be allowed on the left side of the cover for the local stamp and local postmark.  These stamps were designed by the author.


This article was reprinted from the January-February 1965 issue of First Days, the official journal of the American First Day Cover Society. Copyright AFDCS 1965. Reprinted with the permission of the First Days editor.  For additional information see the American First Day Cover Society online at


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