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The 145.41 repeater in Lakewood (103.5 hz), sports a IRLP node, number 3583. [K7EK]
This is an open node and all licensed amateurs are welcome. I just ask that you operate in accordance with current FCC regulations, be considerate to others, and use common sense, lest I be forced to limit access to a select few. 

Before using the system, please listen for some time to ascertain whether someone is already accessing a node. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. 

Remember to leave a couple of seconds pause between transmissions

This is to allow other stations to disconnect etc.

This is extremely important when connected

to a busy IRLP node for example the winsys IRLP node # 9100!!

Echolink when this was installed we used the #node number for echolink connections

for IRLP we used the *node number.




To connect to a node, simply key your mic,

identify your station, and then transmit the node number

with your DTMF pad. When finished,

ID again, and transmit the DTMF code *73.

and #73 From Echolink.

Warn all Connected partys that they'll be disconnected as well.

This command disconnects all nodes from the node you were connected too.



The Tacoma Radio Club nets were also hosted

from the Repeater on 33rd street as Ted would set a string of code through

can be heard from the radio to the control device of the repeater which stopped the id's and

the constant reminders until after the nets, he had the timers set to

goto default settings like around 9-pm or 10-pm

Of which the repeater would resume it's normal use.

We often discussed the IRLP and Echolink additions to the repeater

Ted wanted these features added down the road, however he

did not get a chance to see this through.

However the repeater has a controler that sends code

of which tells it what to do. Ted was one of the programmers

I'm hoping to find tech. notes taken during our many chats

that might be of help..

KF7DWB - Helen




Mt. Raineer

Beautiful Mt. Raineir National Park







K7EK-R Setup notes:


The following supplementary commands may also be useful: Notes:

00 - Check connect status 

01 - Information Announcement (Explains what number 1 - 7 do etc.) 

02 - Boeing Field Connects

03 - Boeing Field Forecast

04 - NOAA - Western WA. Forecast

05 - NOAA - Marine Forecast

06 - NOAA - Mountain Pass Conditions 

07 - NOAA - Weather Round Up Western WA.

08 - Amateur Radio NEWS LINE!!  (Updates Every Friday!)   

A01 - Speak Node Status 

A02 - Speak Node Station ID 

## - Speak Current Local Date & Time 

A04 - Speak Station ID and Date & Time 

A10 - Speak Last Call Received Node & When 

A11 - Speak Last Called Out Node & When 

A12 - Speak Last Call Waiting & When 

A13 - Speak All Last Connections - No Date & Time 

A20 - Connect To Last Call Received Node 

A21 - Connect To Last Called Out Node 

*69 - Connect To Last Call Waiting Node 

A23 - Connect To Last Connected Node 



This system was setup for both IRLP and Echolink

You could only use one or the other but NOT BOTH at the same time.

The Seattle Columbian Tower Repeater is also setup with same format.




To connect to Echolink Just ID your station and Press "#" then the node number for the echolink station.

On IRLP if Supported it's "*" and the node number


Remember always to listen first BEFORE You attempt anything in case the repeater is in use by another station.


Sample of the IRLP Connections when I was Connected to the K7EK-R Repeater:

We Are Connected To Echolink! K7EK-R

Sample - Reflector Summary




Reflector Reflector Name/Location 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
9000 Vancouver
9010 Discovery Reflector
9020 Vancouver 2010
9030 Ontario Public Service Reflector
9050 East Coast Reflector
9070 Alaska Reflector
9100 WIN System Reflector
9120 New England Reflector
9190 Seattle Reflector
9200 Crossroads Reflector
9210 Raleigh
9220 openIRLP Reflector
9250 Western Reflector
9300 Saskatchewan Reflector
9310 Fredericton
9330 Central Region Reflector
9350 LAX - [WALA] Hub
9455 Dallas
9500 Sydney - Virtual PUB
9550 Adelaide - Virtual Pub Back Bar
9610 Great Lakes Reflector
9620 Wisconsin Reflector
9660 Micro-Node Reflector
9730 Crossroads Annex
9750 The UK Reflector
9770 Norwegian Reflector
9870 Denver Reflector
UK Nodes Below -------------------------- ----------------- --- --- --- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
NodeID CallSign Node City Province or State Frequency CTCSS Local Time Status Length --- ---- ---
5170 G6YHW Middleton, Leeds W YORK 431.1750 82.5 18:51 IDLE 1 days      
5918 MB7IWR Dewsbury W YORK 145.3375 82.5 18:51 IDLE 1290 mins      



Page Updated: March, 20th, 2019





I will update this page as I come across more information concerning this type of Amateur Radio Echolink and IRLP commands and notes etc..

Notes and suggestions are always Welcome! :)