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Welcome to psearch

Psearch is a search-prog for files located in ftp/pub at localhost and with psearchd also at remote hosts.

You can download the current version from sunsite.unc.edu.

This archive includes the full C source code and the requested bash-scripts to run under Linux. There are no binaries available. It is copyrighted and can be used under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL) Version 2.

Now let's see what's in the archive ...


Psearch is a search-prog for files located in ftp/pub at localhost and with psearchd also at remote hosts.

This software was especially written for usage from within the hamradio net. Because this net is quite unstable an archie known from the inet could not be used sensibly.

For a big ftp-server psearch is not useful. Therefore you should use a different soft with a real database.

Output of psearch:

host dg8xt.ampr.org
Last updated: Sun Jun 21 15:59:32 1998

    Location: /pub/hamradio/linux
      DIRECTORY  drwxr-xr-x      1024  May 03 1998 xnet

    Location: /pub/hamradio/linux/xnet
           FILE  -rw-r--r--    126406  Dec 07 1997 linuxnet.zip
           FILE  -rw-r--r--     31261  Nov 03 1997 xnet_hlp.exe
           FILE  -rw-r--r--     33949  Jan 07 1998 xnetdok.zip
           FILE  -rw-r--r--       803  Jan 14 1998 xnetv112.inf
           FILE  -rw-r--r--    340287  Jan 14 1998 xnetv112.zip

The following options are available:

Usage: psearch [opt] <search-string>

  Options: -?  short help
           -I  this message
           -v  print version

           -w  force HTML-output
           -s <server>  remote-host for request
           -p <port>    port at remote-host
                        (only need, if not default 7001)


psearch hamradio
search for 'hamradio' local

psearch -s db0hht.ampr.org wampes
search for 'wampes' at host db0hht.ampr.org

psearch -w -p 1234 -s db0zwi-svr.ampr.org linux
search for 'linux' at host db0zwi-svr.ampr.org using port 1234 and HTML-output


Psearchd is the daemon to psearch. It is not a standalone daemon and will be started from within inetd.

For local usage of psearch the daemon is not required.


This is the little brother of psearch for usage within a ftp-session. Under wu-ftpd you can type:

quote site exec query <partial filename>

A sample output:

query xnet
    126406  Dec 07 1997  /pub/hamradio/linux/xnet/linuxnet.zip
     31261  Nov 03 1997  /pub/hamradio/linux/xnet/xnet_hlp.exe
     33949  Jan 07 1998  /pub/hamradio/linux/xnet/xnetdok.zip
       803  Jan 14 1998  /pub/hamradio/linux/xnet/xnetv112.inf
    340287  Jan 14 1998  /pub/hamradio/linux/xnet/xnetv112.zip
 (end of 'query xnet')


A Shell-Script for bash to create the data file.


With notify_new you can announce the new files in your /pub with mail, news or to stdout to pipe it into your favorite program. You can define filenames and directories you want to exclude from your announce.


A little Shell-script to demonstrate how you can include psearch in your web-page. It is quite simple and should be used only as an example.

Please feel free to send me your suggestions to [email protected]. You are welcome ...

Special thanks to Al Waller for the webspace at www.qsl.net.