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Fontana Emergency Communications Services

KA6GRF Repeater
447.320- (136.5)
Simplex Voice


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Emergency Communications Services (E.C.S.)

Welcome to the KF6GLO Club Station, home of the Fontana Amateur Radio Association (F.A.R.A.) and the Fontana Communications Services (E.C.S.). Our ECS group serves the City of Fontana and the communities of Bloomington and Lytle Creek.  We pride ourselves in serving and protecting our local community whenever disaster strikes or during public events.

Do you live in the City of Fontana or in the communities of Bloomington or  Lytle Creek and interested in joining the Fontana Amateur Radio Association?

Check in on:

The KA6GRF Repeater
447.320- (136.5)

Ask for any FARA/ECS member. They will gladly help you get started.


Website is currently being updated. Please be patient while we learn how these things work (7 Feb 15).


The following frequencies, and their order, are those that the Fontana ECS group has programmed into their radios;

  • Ch1  145.520  Simplex
    Fontana ECS secondary simplex frequency
  • Ch2  146.520  Simplex
    National Call Frequency
  • Ch3  146.580  Simplex
    Fontana ECS primary simplex frequency
  • Ch4  446.000  Simplex
  • Ch5  446.500  Simplex
  • Ch6  Removed
  • Ch7  447.320  (136.5 Open) KA6GRF
    Fontana ECS Primary Repeater

Any modifications to this list will be posted here.


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You can contact these ECS/FARA members for more information

Cliff Cheney - KE6ND

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