Q:  What's all this Elmer stuff about?

A:  The "Elmer Project" was started to provide a group learning experience, helping those in need to better understand how a common QRP transceiver works.

The idea is to build a standard kit as a group, while the Elmer volunteers provide technical advice and circuit analysis during each section.

Q: What kit will we be building?

A: We will be building an updated version of the SW-40 from Small Wonder Labs. It is a 40 meter transceiver. You can see the old version at http://www.fix.net/~jparker/sml/sw40.htm .  The kit is currently being updated to improve performance and lower power requirements. Details of the kit are available from Chuck Adams, K5FO's web site at http://reality.sgi.com/adams . Look toward the bottom of the page or go directly there by these links. http://reality.sgi.com/adams/elmer.html and http://reality.sgi.com/adams/elmer02.html

Q: Do I need a kit to participate in the "lessons"

A: Nope. You can read along with everyone. The content will be posted on a web page.

Q: How do I get a kit?

A: Names were collected in January for participation in the kit purchase. Anyone who submitted their name to me and was on the purchase list will have a kit available to them. If you did not get your name in on time you can still get a kit at a slightly higer price. See the next question for details.

This will be a commercial kit so even if you don't get in at first you should be able to get a kit later.

Q: Where do I send my money?

A: If you are on the original sign up list, your cost is $50 (plus $3 to help with shipping, if you want to be nice). If you are not on the list and still want to participate, no problem. Your cost is $55 (plus $3 to help with shipping, if you want to be nice). There are plenty of kits to cover any additional students. The class will be focusing on the 40 meter version.

Send your check, along with the version you want (40 meters or 30 meters) to:

Small Wonder Labs
80 East Robbins Ave.
Newington, CT