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You might be wondering why i don't have many graphics or any anamated ones here. Well the reason is that i like fast loading pages and graphics just slow it down. Also some Hams (amateur radio operators) don't exactly have computers that run at the speed of light. I want every one to be able to use this page. 
 If you came from my main page you allready know this but if you didn't here it is again. My name is Ryan Cleary. Amateur Radio Callsign KF4OYS. This page has anything Amateur Radio related that I find and find the time to put on here. You might want to check out my links page, with over three thousand eight hundred links pretaining to Amateur Radio, you won't want to miss it! Some other things you might want to look at is my equipment page. It has pictures and links to the manufactures if they have a web site. Well this is going to be the end of this paregraph because if you have actually read all of this you are probally thinking it is pretty boring, but thanks for readng it anyway. 
My Equipment Page
The KF4OYS Packet Node and PBBS
( rome's only packet node )
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3800+ Amateur Radio Links
The Northwest Georgia Amateur Radio Club Home Page
(another one of my projects)
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