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Rockcastle County ARES


Who We Are? The Rockcastle County Amateur Radio Emergency Service is a volunteer organization formed under the leadership of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) to provide emergency communications for the people of Rockcastle County, Kentucky, when other means are unavailable or overloaded due to an emergency situation.

Where We Are? Rockcastle County is located in Central Kentucky, approximately 50 miles south of Lexington on I-75. The county seat is the city of Mt. Vernon, KY. We operate our Emergency communications net on a frequency of 146.715 negative offset with a 100.0 hertz pl tone. We hold an emergency preparedness net on this frequency every Friday evening at 7:30 PM E.S.T.  We encourage everyone to stop by and say hello.

How to join? Membership is open to all licensed Amateur Radio operators in Rockcastle County. Those living outside the county are encouraged to participate in our net and receive any info posted on this Web page, but should join their local ARES organization.  If there isn't a local ARES organization, we will be happy to help you in starting one! For more information email Bob Northern, KE4WHY at [email protected].


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