SOVEREIGN State of FLORIDA Bonnie Blue

Florida Ten Meter Beacon
28.300 +/-
de KF4MS/Bcn

Current Status:
The Beacon Is On the Air At this time
5  Watts
QTH: Wakulla Springs, Florida U.S.A.
QTH is just south of Tallahassee, FL just a few miles North of the Gulf of Mexico.

You may check the status of the beacon on this website.
The beacon operates 24/7

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Contact Us:
202 Woodland Heritage Blvd., Wakulla Springs, FL 32327
Email: [email protected]
ICQ #: 1603796
Little Joe QST Kit, Solid State One Watt Out Transmitter:

Currently using HTX-100 at 5 watts.  Just moved and need to get Little Joe

out of the unknown box he was put in so I can get him back on the air.


Primary Beacon Transmitter & Amplifier Transmitter and Amp

MAIN TX, however currently using TX listed above.  This picture is of the

beacon TX box, however still packed away in unknown box.

Beacon Antenna at NE corner of first floor of house Antenna:

10 Meter Ringo on 10 foot mast

Picture Soon


Homebrew 2k NOVRAM


Coming Attractions?
  • Solar/Battery Power
  • Increase RF Output
  • Enhance Computer Controls
  • Test New 5 watt solid State TX strips
  • Coaxbar

    Special Thanks to
  • KC6UNN, Cody Snider , of Montana for the QBasic program which controls both the KF4MS Beacon and the N7LT Beacon.

  • N7LT, Lyndell Thiesen of Bozeman, MT for his help in getting the Florida Beacon back on the air. Listen for N7LT/BCN on 28.248.5 MHz 10 meter Beacon and soon another on 6 meters!
    Beacon web page:

  • QSL NET for allowing this webpage to be posted. Support QSL.NET



    KF4MS Rick Ainsworth

    Rick Ainsworth

    For in such an hour as ye think not, the son of man returneth
    National Ensign-Bonnie Blue  Beacon VU Meter  

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