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I am an inventor and I have two patents in the U.S.A. I love to talk on ham radio, and with my friends on  the computer. I am a General Class Ham Radio Ticket Holder. I spent four years in the Navy then I worked in construction for most of my life. I've had open heart surgery several years ago. I thank God for every day of life. Let us put prayer back in our schools.

My first invention was a mortar spreading machine. It spreads mortar for block and brick by vibration. This was my first U. S. Patton. My second invention was a tobacco grading machine, called the Super grader. It takes the leaves off the tobacco to save labor time vs removing the leaves by hand. I've been told it can easily strip an acre a day.

I became a ham in the summer of 1995. I was talking with a manager at radio shack and we became friends. He sold me an htx202 and I listened to the hams for a while. One day I heard of a testing session in Dante Va. I barely made it in time but I made my license that day. I upgraded to general at the shelby hamfest in 2005. I used to be a cber before I became a Ham. I enjoy building antennas, including jpoles and beams. I build all of them out of Tv cable hardline. I also enjoy talking to people on the internet. I can be found on pal talk, Ilink, Yahoo, and ICQ on the internet. I can be found on 146.820 and 145.190 and 145.410 on the 2 meter band. I have 3 ICOM 2100H 2 meter Mobiles. I run duel homemade 13b2 antennas made out of aluminum hardline on 2 meters. I also operate Hf using a Kenwood 430s. I have tried many different homemade antennas. Currently I am using an multiband inverted v dipole antenna made exclusively out of tape mesaures. It is very broadbanded. When mobile I use a kenwood ts 50 with a screwdriver antenna. I can be heard on Hf on 3870, 3855, 7258, 7251, and on 20 meter Dx. I am a member of the awful awful ugly net on 3855 nightly at 8pm central. and I am a member of medcars on 7258 and medcars on 7251.

One of my most memorable adventures was at the Shelby NC ham fest using a beech tree for a 2 meter antenna. We cut a beach tree down and took it with us to the Shelby ham fest. The S.E.R.A. repeater journal has ran a picture & story about my Shelby Tree in the Jan. 2002 issue.

My page is built in sections. Most of it is dedicated to the hobby I love, and since i enjoy making things i will include photos of what I have created. Contact me and I will be happy to make some of the antennas or other items for you. We can discuss price by email. My email address is above by my picture.

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Look At What I Made.

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H. F Antennas.


The width of the tape makes the antenna very broad banded. By sliding the tape a match of 1:1 can be achieved on any band 40-10 M. It's also possible to achieve these results on 80 M but two tapes must be added together for the required 60+ feet. It's also proven possible to add multiple bands at the same time by adding multiple legs.

The Tape Antennas!

The 33 feet per side tape antenna has the advantage of being used on multiple bands by simply pulling out the tape. You can tell how much length you have pulled out because its oviously marked on the tape.


Shown is a mutiband Slinky Antenna.

The Slinky Antennas!


Shown is a 40 Meter slinky. The slinky antenna can be built for any band and has the advantage of taking up much less space than a standard dipole.



V.H.F. Antennas.


It's really Radiating!


The Talking Tree!!!

Full of Bright Ideas.

Cq Cq De Kf4bwg!

  I brought a beech tree to the Shelby Hamfest from home. The process works because of the sap in the tree. Using an antenna analyzer and about 9 feet of coax I drive the nail into the tree until I get a 1.0 s.w.r. The depth of the nail is very important. I kept the tree in a bucket of water to keep the tree moist. It drank about 3 gallons of water over a 5 day period at the ham fest. Some folks wondered what I had in that bucket. Using a field strength meter (sitting on top of tree) I demonstrated that the signal radiates from the entire tree including the branches and leaves when transmitting. The S.E.R.A. repeater journal ran a second story about me at Shelby in the January 2002 issue.
I was able to talk to about 12 repeaters in the east Tenn. hills with a little ducting, I talked to WV. and also PA. on the 145.410 repeater with just 10 watts. If anyone needs any antennas I have plenty of walnuts.


Proof Positive!


Dont throw those pop cans away...
Make an antenna outta them!



My Downspout J-Pole
Talk about tuning up the gutters!

My homemade J-poles, first one on mobile made of steel whips, the other made of aluminum hardline.


Come Rain Snow Or Hamfest!

  Come rain snow or hamfest I'm ready. Take a close look at the unbrella. NOT ONLY is it keeping me dry it's also my antenna.  

My homemade 13bwg made from 1/2 aluminum hardline.

  13bwg Beams.


Now I have them stacked for even more punch.

My Latest Beam is a 3 Element made from Pvc and Hardline
It has a gain of 7.5 db boom length is 20.5 in. long and the swr is excellent.

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